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Members Interviews:

Helicopter Huck  
Former MMYC Commodore
DF65 #594 "MiAmor"

It's always "Gametime" in Huck's mind and he is dedicated to becoming a Model Yachting Mogul as the co-founder and former Commodore of MMYC. He earned his nickname "Huck" from a pastime swinging around in trees with chainsaws, soaring up and down the coasts of Maine and California directing helicopters, and having planted and consulted on over a hundred vineyards, nationally and internationally. The first book in a series is under his pen now, he captains a commercial drone operation specializing in agricultural, environmental, and LiDAR projects and dreams of owning and racing a 2015 Leopard 48' catamaran. Until then, it's do-or-die model yachting for this crazy cat!


"Have fun bobbin' in my wake!" were his parting words from this interview

Capt. Tim Galvin
MMYC Fleet Captain

Tim was diagnosed very early in life with vesselus infatuitis or what is commonly called boat sickness, probably contracted due to excessive time spent in and around Camden harbor as a youth. The ailment, while not detrimental to the physical body, certainly manifested itself with an overwhelming psychological effect. To the point that it even drove Tim to avoid the big money jobs and seek a career, albeit paltry, in the marine environment. He was later to suffer a rare side effect called RC Boatulism. The effects of both of which are still present today. Tim has however, with therapy and support, boldly soldiered on.

As Assessed,
Dr. Bob N. Lychaquork

Josh Bickford
MMYC Vice Commodore

Josh has had the racing bug from an early age. He’s a strong believer of “if there are two it’s a race” regardless of what it is! From racing bicycles as a kid to racing go karts and sprint cars in his high school days. If it had wheels he would race it, office chairs included.

Upon moving to the Midcoast area in 2015 Josh and his wife Kirsten began sailing. He quickly had the urge to start racing sailboats. He has been racing and sailing in Penobscot Bay for the last 5 years and has enjoyed every second of it. After crewing on an Etchells Josh began racing his Catalina Capri 22 “Kinsail” and now races His Sabre 32 “Windswept”. During the summer months he can typically be found on the bay with his wife and young daughter Amelia sailing to who knows where.

When Josh heard about racing RC sailboats he was all in from the beginning! Now racing a DF65 and working on building a competitive DF95 field as the DF95 class president

El Jeffy.jpg
Captain Jeff “El Jefe” Hamilton
MMYC Treasurer
DF 65 USA #155 ‘ONBO’
AC Class #US-155  ‘Ladi Di’
AC Class #US-021  ‘Ladi Di II’
MMYC Rescue Tug “Diane Louise”
AMYA Member #16440

After a long career of racing sail and powerboats internationally and working for ‘the man’ in the forest products, food and pharmaceutical industries, Jeff and his wife Diane landed in Rockport and continue to live by his life motto; “If it floats, buy it!”


He now runs his own operations management consulting company and recently obtained his 100 ton Master Captain’s Coast Guard Certification making him grossly overqualified to operate his model yachts.  His true passions, however, are sailing big boats, skiing, playing in a rock and blues band, fishing, and racing his stock outboard powerboats with the American Power Boat Association.  Also, he is the chair of the Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Camden Rotary, and then there is that municipal government elected official thing. 


El Jefe first got into RC yachts many years ago after crashing model airplanes and helicopters got to be prohibitively expensive.  He built his first AC Class model (at 72” long and over 120” tall) after watching another club member and his friends race theirs during the Labor Day windjammers gathering in Camden in 2009. He was hooked.


Unfortunately, sailing a single boat around in circles quickly turned boring and fortunately, the MMYC opportunity came up which led to the purchase and build of the second AC Class boat and match racing Heaven.  The years of racing hydroplanes in New England and the Midwest, Volvo Open 60’s in Italy, his C&C 40 in Penobscot Bay, and now his J/46 “MEME’ CHUM” in local races are finally coming to good use in the model yacht racing world as he has not totaled a model sailboat yet!

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