Winter Series Race Day #5 Recap (2/21/21)

Good evening everyone!

A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Camden Harbor for the MMYC. It was a nice 30 degree day with a shifty unstable breeze, but the biggest curveball was a non windward leeward course leaving marks to starboard!

The course setter absolutely dominated in the win column. Tim was able to top the charts in all five heats! I gave him a run for his money in heat 5 but came up short after leading all but “the last 6 feet”. I quote Tim in saying “a lot can happen in the last 6 feet”! Unfortunately for me he was correct!

All in all there was some fantastic racing today! It was a very tightly matched fleet. Huck battled through some battery issues thanks to a battery donation from Daniel. Unfortunately from the beginning I fought some setup issues. I was able to get things sorted out by the final heat. It will be very interesting to see how the standing shake out after this week. Things are definitely going to tighten up in the race for second, with Jeff missing today, Daniel having a fantastic day and myself having a shaky performance. Next week will mark the final race for the winter series and the last chance for everyone to better their standings! Also the meeting at the Legion Hall was today before racing, and we had a good turnout. Thanks for everyones attendance! I will leave that to our commodore to elaborate on. Heat 1 1st- #207 Tim 2nd- #06 Graham 3rd- #594 Huck 4th- #205 Daniel 5th- #588 Peter 6th- #513 Allen 7th- #58 Josh (DNF) Heat 2 1st- #207 Tim 2nd- #205 Daniel 3rd- #58 Josh 4th- #594 Huck 5th- #06 Graham 6th- #588 Peter 7th- #513 Allen Heat 3 1st- #207 Tim 2nd- #205 Daniel 3rd- #06 Graham 4th- #588 Peter 5th- #594 Huck (DNF) 5th- #58 Josh (DNF) 5th- #513 Allen (DNF) Heat 4 1st- #207 Tim 2nd- #06 Graham 3rd- #205 Daniel 4th- #594 Huck 5th- #58 Josh 6th- #513 Allen (DNF) 7th- #588 Peter (DNS) Heat 5 1st- #207 Tim 2nd- #58 Josh 3rd- #205 Daniel 4th- #594 Huck 5th- #06 Graham (DNS) 5th- #513 Allen (DNS) 5th- #588 Peter (DNS)

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