Race Recap 2/12/21

Greetings Everyone, A windless Sunday afternoon in Camden Harbor for the MMYC, led to a very challenging day for everyone to say the least. Patience and persistence paid off for Jeff in heat #1 and Charlie in heat #2 (somehow finishing before anyone else crossed the start/finish line to begin their race). I hope there was a safe recovery of Mikes boat after it was taken out with the tide. When I was heading out for the day Huck was attempting a recovery as it was drifting past the travel lift at Lyman Morse in the windless outgoing tide! Looked like a heroic endeavor! My racing observations today were not stellar as I spent the majority of my time in Camden chasing my daughter Amelia around haha! But it was still fun! I’m just glad it was close to high tide and the ramp was flat, I swear I chased her up it 100 times! My heart would have exploded if it was low tide! I also imagine that her high pitch screeching every time we walked by the “missing rainbow unicorn butterfly kitten” sign kept the racers entertained!! Unfortunately Hucks A+ rig didn’t pay off. You better get that thing tuned up for next week! I’ll have my wife to chase Amelia and hopefully my A+ to chase you down! Also I quote Huck's colorful gel pen writing on the score sheet “Maddie please take up the starting gun! ***when little people are not or birds are to close) haha! I’m honestly shocked she made it almost the whole day on the dock in the cold! I’m pretty impressed, so maybe there is hope in Huck's plea!

Another quick note: the next meeting will be next Sunday at 12:00 at the Camden Leigon Hall! Ps: See pictures below! Thanks, #58 Josh Bickford Heat 1 1st- #155 Jeff 2nd- #89 Charlie 3rd- #205 Daniel 4th- #594 Huck

5th- #603 Mike 6th- #58 Josh(DNS) Heat 2 1st- #89 Charlie 2nd- #155 Jeff 3rd- #205 Daniel 4th- #594 Huck 5th- #603 Mike 6th- #58 Josh(DNS)

Mike taking a stroll out to Curtis Island

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