Winter Series Race Day #3:


Hi Everyone,

A beautiful snowy Sunday afternoon in Camden Harbor for the MMYC. Some challenging conditions led to some first time winners! Daniel and myself were able to keep Tim from cleaning up shop this week! Charlie also took home a win in race #1 limiting Tim to only two wins on the day!

Along with the snow came some very inconsistent and shifty wind. The wind threw the book at us! On some legs we were upwind for half and wing on wing to get the mark. Not only was it shifty but it was very inconsistent in speed as well! Several boats would limp to the mark in less than 5 knots of wind and upon rounding would go wing on wing and nearly pitch pole!!

Honorable mentions goes to Jeff with a 3.8 average finish despite having what sounded like the same power gremlins I was fighting last week (and hitting and missing some marks but who was watching haha)? Also to Peter who was looking good fighting at the front of the pack a couple times! Overall with 8 boats on the line it was a very competitive field!

I hope this lives up to Hucks usual recaps! May not be as comical but I’ll get as much information out as I can and as quickly as I can to take some of the weekly weight off of Hucks shoulders. Also Huck you definitely gave us a run for our money. Definitely took some effort to keep you in the rear view this week!

Also a note from Huck on the official standings. Once a decision is made on how the daily numbers will be calculated he will have the update with the current Winter Series standings!

Ps: See pictures below!


#58 Josh Bickford

Heat 1

1st- #89 Charlie

2nd- #207 Tim

3rd- #58 Josh

4th- #155 Jeff

5th- #594 Huck

6th- #513 Allen

7th- #205 Daniel

8th- #588 Peter(DNS)

Heat 2

1st- #205 Daniel

2nd- #155 Jeff

3rd- #58 Josh

4th- #89 Charlie

5th- #594 Huck

6th- #513 Allen

7th- #207 Tim

8th- #588 Peter

Heat 3

1st- #207 Tim

2nd- #513 Allen

3rd- #58 Josh

4th- #205 Daniel

5th- #588 Peter

6th- #155 Jeff

7th- #594 Huck

8th- #89 Charlie(DNS)

Heat 4

1st- #207 Tim

2nd- #155 Jeff

3rd- #205 Daniel

4th- #513 Allen

5th- #58 Josh

6th- #594 Huck

7th- #588 Peter

8th- #89 Charlie(DNS)

Heat 5

1st- #58 Josh

2nd- #205 Daniel

3rd- #207 Tim

4th- #513 Allen

5th- #155 Jeff

6th- #564 Huck

7th- #588 Peter(DNS)

7th- #89 Charlie(DNS)

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