MMYC Minutes from 1/24/21 Meeting at the Clubhouse:

- DF65 class races heats from 2-3PM Sundays for the Winter Series. Number of heats are determined by the time allowed within that hour.

- Tim is the Race Course Setter, determining courses and he is open to input, race layout is subject to change weekly, they will likely not always be simple windward/leeward marks. 1:50 PM Tim announces course layout to racers. 2PM starting gun! Hope the pitching clinic went stellar, thanks for your note about having the 2PM course ready for us today, thank you!

- The present group majority agreed to a 4 series/year arrangement with a minimum number of 4 boats necessary to score it as part of a series. Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb) Spring (Mar/April/May) Summer (June/July/Aug) Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov) *Midweek race night instead of Sunday afternoon races for DF65 class for the Summer Series was a topic of conversation: to be determined. I propose a Feb 21st. 1:00 PM meeting at the Camden Legion Hall for a majority vote on timing for the Spring Series and anything else that needs discussion. We will create an agenda prior and allow anyone who will be participating in the Spring Series to vote in person or electronically. And then near the end of the Spring Series we can meet to vote on Summer Series race times and dates, etc. Snowbirds can vote in this meeting electronically if they plan to participate in any summer races. - We did not end up deciding to make one person responsible for scorekeeping each Sunday. Rather, a scorekeeper will be selected prior to each heat, although Charlie's Angels are aiming to be there to tend the books for us when he is also there. Righteous, shout out to Monet, for facing the elements with us last weekend and tracking scores! Super THANKS! - Charlie, thank you for letting me know you will be away today, I borrowed a bluetooth speaker for the countdown timer, but would appreciate yours being on hand when you are back, thanks again. (Earth to Guy???) - In the time allotted at the meeting on 1/24 I do not believe we got to discuss special regatta events at length, which I think many would like to have in addition to the ongoing Series. I am on the Nasua Model Yacht club's email list and have spoken to the over New Hampshire club in the past. Charlie mentioned being able to look up other registered DF65 owners in Maine and eventually doing sanctioned regattas once we feel organized enough. When and how many per annum is something we can discuss at the February meeting. Bring ideas. Meeting Attendance: 1/24/21 Charlie Jeff Tim Robert Daniel and Maddy (hope I spelled your name correctly, Maddy!) Allen Huck The Hall is very large, tons of space to spread out, health guidelines were followed and the meeting was very productive, thank you for those who could come! Graham and Charlie have done a fabulous job organizing a record keeping sheet that computates both high and low scoring methods and rankings. There are multiple tabs in the spreadsheet to flip between, don't just look at the top tab that lists skippers and boat numbers and curse like a pirate about the flippin' race results not being shown. The boys would likely want me to mention it is a work in progress, it's a great start! Thanks fellas!

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