Winter Series Race Day #2 (1/31/21)

We had three races with tricky wind and I would give the game ball from the day to a certain, Peter Fitzgerald, for his tenacity and marked improvement! Yes, Tim handed it to us all again, he can be quoted saying, "All it takes is timing, tuning... and luck!" to consistently win BIG! Nice winning and leading the Winter Series, dude!

Joshua also gets a special mention as his dope new deck and side profile decals helped step up his game and model yacht sailing potential this week, I'm a tab bit nervous he is going to be one of the skippers that always kicks my ass, he kicked ass in several special circumstances Sunday and placed well, even battling through glitchy electronics, honorable mentions, partner! But, I swearrrrrr matey, I'll not be in your rearview mirror tomrrrrah!! Lol!

Allen, did you say you had an extra jib boom counterbalance weight? Mine sank with my hopes of winning the first week of the Winter Series that ravaged model yachts and is also known as near pitch pole day. I was down two battons in addition to the counter weight this week, did someone say they have extra?

Allen has also graciously showed me that he has a solid collection of spare parts going that the gang is welcome to access from him when DF65 things are needed on short notice. Big thanks, bud! And thanks for always making sure I finished next in line to you on Sunday!

Furthermore, in other conversations, Joshua! be the change you wish to see, get a DF95, those aren’t toy boats anymore! At this point, I must hypothesize Guy’s wife told him he couldn’t play with toy boats anymore or he’s vying for an iceboat world championship in the Faroe Islands or something like that, heaven knows??? Maybe he’s in lockdown with my sister and her fiancé in London-Town (still not sure where his accent is from) and the internet has no bandwidth left while everyone tries to stay sane by communicating with the outside world, God love! We’re lucky here sailing boats in the winter where the mountains meet the sea!

As the intrigue for the Meter group grows, my feelings that anyone can contradict are that the CR-914s are sweet-looking boats but too much for the modern skipper to build and maintain, Solings are beautiful relics but not a growing class, while the DF95’s have spare parts and customization potential readily available, regional, national, and international enthusiasm. As I see this thread play out more and more about the next size or class boats, my gut tells me the DF95 will be our next competitive class. Get one! The rest will join!

Al Strout, we are going to be gunning for your DF95 when you're back in Maine!!

Josh, here are pictures for Facebook, everyone else take candid photos share them after each week, thanks!

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