Commodore's Report: 2/13/21

Greetings Gang,

Clearly from the title of this email I have self-pointed myself as the current chieftain of Our Beloved Club. For those of you who were hoping to be in charge, read it and weep!

On February 21st @ 1200 in the Clubhouse on Pearl St we will elect/volunteer officials for a board of directors and pertinent committee positions. Anyone is welcome to bring their sharpest sword and challenge me to a duel for the title of COMMODORE!!

Be forewarned, I used to co-run a Kaibustu Kan (House of Monsters) karate school out of the Camden Legion Hall before COVID halted it, so know I am trained in the art of disemboweling foes before ye dare challenge me!

Also, having trained myself in the shadowy art of website development I present to thee a rough draft for MMYC:

Hopefully, it speaks for itself as a lovely portal to display the joy we bring to the community and to die-hard model yacht racing enthusiasts! It is a work in progress and I happily accept constructive criticism, edits, additions, suggestions, and imaginary pats on the back :) Despite challenging other members to a deadly duel, I do have feelings, albeit, they are shackled down in "MiAmor's" hull beneath her servo tray, and I do not plan on letting them out to have mercy on any of you skippers, tomorrow!

Speaking of skippers to shackle down! Holy flippin', pole-pitchin' taking no prisoners, Al "Merciless" Strout! You getting tired of winning all the trophies from every class in South Daytona? Your arms getting tired of carrying them all home, so you'd just prefer little baby blue ribbons, now? Arrrrrrr! We will have none-the-such on the bold rocky, frigid, finger-crippling cold coast of Maine!! You and the blind bats you race who can't make out the marks from floating shopping bags in the marsh you all race in Florida are going to have a much harder time wrenching MMYC's gigantic Silver Magnum Cup from the grip of our icy transmitter claws! Bring it on!!

Ok, ok, calm down, Hucky boy, let's be a little more diplomatic here...

Allen, thank you for the battery tray and jib boom counterweight last Sunday and Jeff, for the battens, I love you guys. They really helped me lead the charge from the rear of the pack!

(custom racing batteries designed for speed on a port reach)

In the rules section that Joshua thoughtfully put together for us, with my slight tweaking, (obviously DF65-centric for now) you will find:

5. Permitted Rigs:

  • 5.1 All standard rig sizes are permitted. A+(DF65), A, B, C

  • 5.2 Rigs are selected at the sailor’s discretion.

  • 5.3 Once a sailor starts a race day he/she is required to sail with that rig for the remainder of the day unless there is a rig failure that is not reparable.

I highlight this to make sure everyone is aware you can race with any legal rig you wish, you just can't switch halfway through a race day. I will be packing A+ heat for Sunday if that is the weapon the wind calls for to slay the rest of your pretty-ass decaled hulls. My light-weight back-alleyshop sharpie marker racing stripes will certainly see me soar effortlessly past Jeff and his one-sided "OBNO" jobbie, once and for all!! Sorry, pal, I don't have those fancy LiFE batteries to share a sticker with you yet. Probably a couple of weeks from ordering them and can share then if you are still looking for a sponsored trade.

In other niceties, Tim we will really miss you this weekend, can't thank you enough for your racecourse setting and getting, the official painted buoys and camaraderie. I mean come on, look at this guy rowing in a blizzard picking up the course for us all last week! Champ! Love ya Tim!

(damn that's a sexy snow-covered yacht, whose is she!)

Also, a reminder that the email list is the one and only official communications line! Social media is for getting our message out to the rest of the world. Thank you Josh for spearheading that! Thank you Graham and Charlie for your scoring support! Thank you Jim Dill for causing the club's formation, none of us would be here without YOU!!

Thank you all for listening to my rants and for being a part of the glorious Maine Model Yacht Club! I Love You All :)

Signing off,

- Your Commodore

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