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Ladies and Gentlemen of Upstanding Character, I bequeath you MMYC's latest and greatest news, fresh from the Camden Town Docks!

Aiming to take our nice explanatory and visually pleasing little website "live," I dutifully searched potential domain names.... being the obvious 1st choice.... Low and beholden! MMYC is taken by our rival, the Marblehead Model Yacht Club in Massachusetts! Arrrrrrr! So, I get on the horn with ole' Joshy Boy and start tellin' em' we need to go down to ole' hoytie-toytie Marblehead this summer with our DF95s and make some masts roll, if ya know what I'm saying! Then I tell em' that I made a "discovery..." there are really 13 Sundays in every single quarter of the year... hence 52 weeks... makes sense... I suppose... "Thus!" I said to Bickford, "Means after we race 12-nailbiting-weeks for each Seasonal Series, there is 1 spare week available to host showdown Regattas! Inviting other clubs and their members to walk the plank of defeat & despair in C. Harbor will feel like the fountain of youth in our fist-pumping veins when we conquer!! Sharpen your sailing swords, ladssss and lasssesesss!!! Battle beckons!!! And sooooo, quiet voice..."here's where the results of my naturally salacious trashy-talking get spooky.... less than 15 hours later @ 2:25 PM (1625) the very next day, out of the clear blue, the Marblehead Model Yacht Club emailed us a Challenge and on our home turf to boot!! They had heard Bickford and my belly-laughs at their expense through the Ether the night before and DF95 Class Region 1 President Kevin Dooley from Marblehead, wrote to say, "It's on like DOnKey KoNg!!" More on these serendipitous competitive developments to come.... for now... there is a silvery cup with a lining of gold to this next part of the news report. I emailed Five Town Adult Ed to let them know we are NOT hosting the March workshop/showcase any longer. Jeff and Allen, may the Wind Gods give you extra lift racing for just two weeks for being the only two souls brave (or crazy) enough to sign up! Love your support!! Thanks, Pals!! (Jeff, could you please contact Scott Rollerson, I had asked him to bring boats by to show, thanks. Robert, I know you were planning to come in big for the display part of the Showcase, thank you for now, once corona isn't such a buzz-kill, and we spend some more effort marketing, it's going to be a big hit. And I think the first big showcase hit is a booth and display at the Maine Home, Boats, and Harbors show this late summer as we talked about at the 2/21 Clubhouse Meeting. More to come on this thread) So, class canceled, but that's ok, Five Town Adult Education is how we got started successfully pre-corona after all, so let's still give thanks for it. And, yet, this year's failed attempt still bore us fateful fruit.... introducing... drum roll!!! Peter Clapp!!!! Welcome to the Maine Model Yacht Club!!! Peter found us through Adult Ed and he has since enlightened me in regards to his spirited affiliation with the Camden Yacht Club and the high school sailing program! My mind is swirling in the clouds inventing new possibilities with Peter batting on our Team.... the first that comes to mind is... as much as I love the Legion Hall... ahahaha.... we would look much better meeting on the waterfront!! LOL!! "'Nough dreamin' Hucky Buck! Stuff it in your sail sack!... What he means to express, Peter, is his sheer exuberance to have you onboard the email list with the MMYC Crew! I personally found, your model yacht 1/2 hull carving projects very intriguing. Can't wait to meet you and learn more! " - MMYC Diplomat, Thomas "Huck" Massey IV Special thank you to, Joshua Bickford, our Rules Chairman and freshly appointed DF95 Class President. He has made further additions to the Rule Book he drafted and continually updates for us. He has added some "Right of Way" regs below Section 12.1 and a reminder that we (MMYC) race 3 boat lengths, not 4, for the right of way area around the marks. 2/21/21 Meeting Minutes: Best 9 of 12 race days count for Spring Series starting on April 4th @ 2 PM Summer Series will likely be on a weekday evening, TBD We are working up some numbers to have some dues: -buy/build a demo DF65 to share with others on the docks - create more user-friendly solution to the rowboat we cherish - town permit for one of our own kayaks or canoes (could get free from Steve) - Burgee flag stickers - Cup engraving fund - etc - (I donated $25 to the Legion Hall for hosting this meeting) James "Jim" Dill is helping us with the website and domain costs! Thank you Lynda for linking us and Jim for lifting us onto the World Wide Web!! I will have it live with a domain name tomorrow :) Josh, you'll be able to link it in your race-recap later on, thanks, bud. Jeff volunteered as the Treasurer, thank you Jeff, let's chat more and you'll hear from us on dues and pick list ideas soon. Talk of being in the Maine Home, Boats, and Harbors Show, their magazine, the Maine Coastal News Magazine, were also developmental conversations started in the meeting. And I am still working on appointing and creating some positions, I haven't had time to finish flushing out the ideas, more to follow on those, thank you to several people who are already contributing and plan to more. It was a brief meeting, thank you to: Robert, Daniel, Maddie, Allen, Josh, Graham, and I, who were in attendance. Faithfully submitted, - Your Commodore Sail #594 ----- After 2/21/21 racing, Josh got us a nice highlight report and Graham the calculations in the last blog post. Much appreciated, brothers! And, Tim for the killer course set and haul! Thanks! Peter, nice improvement racing! Mike, your boat recovered, yet? Bickford, I am gunning for you for 4th place! Charlie, hope you're stuck on Swan's Island tomorrow, love ya, buddy! Allen, Graham, pretty sure your wives would rather you do some frickin' chores around the house instead of fiddling with your toy boats on Sunday! I wouldn't miss you guys nipping at my heels on the final day of the Winter Series! Xoxoxoxo ¡Hasta mañana, Amigos! - Huck

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